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October 2008



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I posted this on the forums for in a drabble contest and won second place, woot woot. And yes, it is with Harry Potter characters. And yes, it's a bit nerdy and some might consider it a little weird, but whatever. Second place? Hellz to the yeah. So, to whomever may be interested in reading, here it be, yo.

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"Don't touch that!" Albus shrieked.

"Shut up," replied James calmly. “You sound like a girl.”

The two brothers had holed themselves up in Ginny's old bedroom, where James insisted they look for any hidden Christmas presents. Albus, of course, had deemed it inappropriate and dishonest; James insisted they were only going to look, not take. Albus had eventually given in; he'd been trying to stay in James's good books lately, for James was prone to give odd Christmas gifts to him as a joke.

"This isn't right," Albus continued. "Mum's going to be mad at you again, like last year."

"Al," said James in a bored voice as he rummaged through Ginny's closet, "you'll thank me when we find that potions kit you've been wanting."

"It's not like I'll even be able to use it."

"Here, you can use this," said James, extracting a particularly ugly and out-of-style blue jean vest and tossing it at Albus, who caught it and looked at it with revulsion

"Mum wore this?"

"And now Lily will, we can give it to her for Christmas."

Albus laughed weakly.

"Be useful, Al, and go check the drawers."

Grumbling, Albus turned away from his brother and opened up one of the drawers in the nightstand. In his annoyance at James he pulled too hard and the entire drawer shot out, littering the floor with parchment, photographs, and a number of random trinkets from their teenaged mother.

"Merlin, Al!" screeched James as things went rolling about the floor in a rather noisy display.

"Sorry, sorry!" hissed Albus as the two of them dove on the floor.

Hands trembling, Albus gathered up the spill as quickly as he could while James fit the drawer back in. He lingered over a Chocolate Frog card featuring Albus Dumbledore, got a nasty paper cut on the edge of some parchment, and nearly cracked open a bottle of ink. He dumped the lot into the newly reinserted drawer and went back for more; however, he paused once again to pore over a particular photograph of a dark-haired boy with glasses waving up at him.

"What's that?" asked James, crawling over to look at the picture.

"Oh nothing," Albus smirked. "Just a picture of me. I told you Mum likes me best."

"Shut it!" growled James, snatching the picture from Albus's grip. His expression changed. "That's not you. It’s James Potter." James puffed out his chest as he spoke.

"It looks nothing like you!"

"The James Potter, stupid. I can tell by the way he's standing, he looks so cool."

"You didn't even know him," Albus retorted. "You're such a --"

"Boys, what in Merlin's name are you doing?"

The two boys started as Harry slipped through the doorway, eyeing the disheveled room with amusement.

"Er -- Dad, who is this?" said James bluntly. He held out the picture to his father.

"It's me, isn't it?" said Albus earnestly.

"No way, too scrawny," said James knowingly. "No offense, Al, but you've been packing on the pounds." Albus opened his mouth to snap something back but James continued, "It's James Potter, isn't it, I mean, the James Potter? I know it, I just know it --"

"And where'd you find this?" asked Harry, his brows furrowed.

"In the nightstand," said Albus at once.

"Oh, er," Harry began, reddening slightly. "Actually, it's me."

Albus raised his eyebrows and James wrinkled his nose.


"Yeah, this was taken here when I was twelve and came to stay with your Uncle Ron." Harry handed back the picture, smiling bashfully. "I suppose your mother thought she'd keep it for herself."

"Er -- okay," said James awkwardly.

"You'd better not let your mother see you doing that," said Harry, pointing to Albus, who had been standing on the discarded vest. Albus hastily stepped away. "She loved that, I got it for her on Christmas when she was 17."

James and Albus glanced at each other with wide eyes.

Harry chuckled and made to leave, saying as he went, "And if you're looking for Christmas presents, fat chance. After last year's fiasco, did you think we'd make it that easy again?"


Hey, love your drabble. Or fic. It seems to be longer than a drabble. But anyhow it was a fun read.

I read fan fiction - I don't dare to write yet, but someday...